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In what form should we create terms of reference?

Terms of Reference (TOR) can be sent in any form that is convenient for you; also, we can send you our Brief, the filling of which will be a ready-made technical assignment. The main thing – specify a link that contains the text, as well as specify the length of the text, keywords and your wishes for content. If there will be additional questions – we will discuss in the process of writing texts.

What are the terms and conditions of payment?

No Prepayment! Payment is made only when the customer has checked and approved the work performed. Usually, we agree on the frequency of payments on the work implemented. For example, if you order 20 texts, we can agree on payment after writing and checking every 5 texts. In this case, both – the client is satisfied and would not worry, that the content will be less than desirable; and we, in turn, can safeguard oneself against unscrupulous customers.

Several people will evaluate the work; can you take into account everyone’s wishes?

No problems! The main thing is that each of the customers should take part in the brief filling. Direct discussion of Technical Task and other nuances is conducted only with one representative of your organization.

Do you write SEO-optimized content?

We write any texts, among which SEO-optimized content plays a key role. There are several directions: texts for landing pages, articles for promotion, information articles, etc.

I’m not sure you can handle the task. What about a trial task?

The content and quality of our articles can be assessed by reading the portfolio. In addition, copywriting studio authors are happy to write for you a trial text (up to 2000 characters without spaces) absolutely for free.

What if the final result provided falls short of expectations?

To avoid such situations, we h3ly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the copywriting studio portfolio, which includes texts on various topics. The customer will be able to assess the professionalism of our authors, as well as their creativity in writing informative articles. In addition, a fully filled brief reduces the likelihood of additional claims to our work.

What is the purpose of filling out the brief?

The brief is an extremely important document that contains the main points of joint work. According to the completed and coordinated brief, the client will fully control the execution time of the order, the quality of the articles and other additional wishes. Therefore, the copywriting studio asks its customers to pay close attention to the completion of this important document.

If I need a unique text, will you create something new?

We guarantee high uniqueness, from the position of services for checking articles on the level of plagiarism. However, we wouldn’t do something fundamentally new in writing texts, and this is not required. In addition, attempts to reinvent the wheel may adversely affect the position of the site in the SERP.

What are the marketing texts? On what criteria they are usually written and how are they sold?

These texts contain an appeal to the fulfillment of actions by all available methods- this could be the order of goods, services, call, response, clicking a button, subscribing to news, etc. Good marketing texts begin with a catchy title that causes the desire to open the page. Then the text itself, built on a special structure, has a graphics enhancement. The marketing texts necessarily filled with facts, instills confidence, written with the understanding of the target audience, immersing in the subject, read very quickly and easily, and ends with a call to action, consolidating and summarizing the information.

If I have questions about the article, can we make changes?

Copywriting studio is always interested in the opinion of the customer, so if the customer does not like something, then we make changes quickly. There is no additional charge for editing the content. To avoid misunderstandings, indicate in the brief all your requirements. Then the authors will not miss anything.

Why your texts better than stock articles?

First of all, the copywriting studio is engaged in creating financially accessible content. When ordering the stock article, you have to pay several authors at once, this is the only way to search for a quality artist. Of course, you can immediately seek help from a copywriter with the highest rating, but its services are much more expensive. In addition, we will prepare the material faster, because writing articles for our authors is not only a hobby but also a job.

What kind of conversion do you guarantee?

It is not a correct statement of the question since the conversion “works” in conjunction with other factors: traffic quality, text formatting, the visual design of the article. To achieve maximum efficiency, specify all necessary information in the brief.

How to get a discount?

Copywriting studio regularly conducts all kinds of actions and offers a flexible system of discounts. Details are discussed with a technical support representative.

How soon will

you be able to finish the order?

The copywriting agency preliminarily coordinates the terms with the customert; the speed of execution depends on the subject matter and the amount of content. In addition, we carry out urgent orders, but only after a preliminary discussion.

I already have texts, so why should I do something about them?

There are several reasons. However, it is worth mentioning the most important thing – the content on the network is constantly changing. Algorithms of search engines change on the average 1 time in 1-2 years, also every day and every minute in the world new texts are created and placed on any topic that better match new requests. A good example is the Soviet car industry, which did not keep up with the rest of the world. Approximately the same thing happens with pages where texts are not updated for more than 4-5 years.

Can I write an article myself?

Qualitative content is the main element of effective website promotion. Only professional who knows how to enter key phrases harmoniously, without causing suspicion in the search engines can write a unique, readable, attracting and selling article.

What is SEO-optimized text?

The optimized article contains keywords (searches of users in search engines). The copywriting studio enters the keys into the article harmoniously, so that they do not get out of the general text.

Can I put one text on the site twice?

No, you cannot do this in any case, because then the search engine will find the article not unique.

Why do I need to order texts, if it is possinle to copy them from other sites?

Such texts have a 0% uniqueness that will undermine any progress. Search engines regularly scan the level of uniqueness of texts and find pages with similar texts and rapidly reduce their rating or altogether ban it – remove the page from the search results. Therefore, the cheapest low-quality rewrite is better than texts with 0% uniqueness.

What does the cost depend on?

Among the main factors – the degree of elaboration of subjects (for example, rewriting descriptions of goods or deep analytical articles), additional technical characteristics of texts, terms of implementation, topics, the length, etc.

Will my project be executed by good copywriters?

Yes, copywriters, who have experience in the industry and direction, and most importantly – who have performed the trial samples, will carry out your order.

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